Monday, March 28, 2011

Half Bath - Complete!

Our half bath ended up being quite the project.

We started with this:

Note the beautiful lights surrounding the mirror (there was always a solid 5 seconds between the time you flipped the switch and when the light actually came on). In the first photo, you can see the large cabinet that sat right inside the doorway. It was so large that the knees of J's very short legs touched the side of the cabinet. Not good.
We pulled out the large cabinet, followed by the vanity cabinet. Once those cabinets were out, we tore out all the laminate.

We followed by removing the lights and the vanity cabinet and patching the hole where it once sat.
The next morning, we uninstalled the sink and as we were trying to remove one last pipe to replace it, it ripped in half and dropped a big bomb on our plans to renovate this half bathroom in one weekend.
 The old sink.
 Hmm... no wonder it practically fell off when we tried to uninstall it. Talk about corrosion...
 After the paint job, but prior to the new light installation.
 One of J's big contributions for the half bath - painting the trim.
 Not sure if there was more paint on J's hands or on the trim.
M, with the help of a friend, fills in tile backer.

 Installing the new light fixture.
 Definitely an improvement!
Installing the bead board to cover up the textured wall after we chipped off the pink plastic tiles.
 Installing the vanity.
Getting the new toilet ready to be installed - wonder how many people laughed as they drove by and looked into our open garage!?!
 Putting together the new toilet and getting it ready to install.

And we ended with this - the finished product! It was definitely a big project, but we're glad to have a new room that is complete, clean and has a modern look.


  1. WOW! This is so much better and gives me motivation for a summer bath project!

  2. Thanks so much! Best part of the whole deal - did the whole thing for less than $500!