Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Office - Complete!

When M&J were discussing what was needed in their future home, an office was a must. M works from home for a national commodity association, so he needed a place to store his supplies, work and keep all his things separate from J's.

The home has 3 bedrooms, so it worked out perfectly to have their master bedroom, a guest bedroom and an office for M. By process of elimination, the "airplane" room became the office. There was a beautiful (please note the sarcasm, here) blue color painted on one wall in the airplane room. Thankfully, the three other walls in that room had already been painted white over the gorgeous primary yellow color. M&J always talked about putting purple in a room (We are K-State Grads, after all...) and so by elimination, the purple was painted over that AWFUL (I'll just come out and say it) blue. 

 The Airplane Room - Before
(Take note of the curtains, the blue wall
and the traces of yellow behind the white walls)

 Yay for Blue!

 The Optional Shades of
Purple and Taupe for the Office Walls

Before Picture of the Closet and "White" Wall -
Notice all the yellow paint along the baseboard

 After the Closet was Repainted

 There's that Purple and White - GO CATS!

 After the Brown Paint

 New Light, New Paint
(The hole in the wall is the access to the bathtub in the full bath.)

 After the Carpet was Removed - No Sanding Done

 Installing a New Floor Vent in the Office

The Office - After Furniture, Before Decor

After the floors were complete, we moved in a rug and M's furniture as soon as possible, as he had been without an actual work space for a few months. He was very happy to finally have a desk, a permanent place for his printer and storage for all his supplies. Although the furniture is mismatched, it all serves a purpose and will eventually be replaced with something more functional and a little easier on the eyes...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Master Bedroom - Complete!

Our master bedroom wasn't a huge project, but it definitely wasn't a walk in the park. And that is why we lived like this before we moved into our bedroom:

 The Guest Bedroom - Our Bedroom for 3 Months - Quite the accommodations...

We then chose paint colors for the bedroom walls - we eventually chose the color on the far right. It is difficult to see the exact color since the paint is still drying.

We tore out the blue carpet and all the trim, as well as repainted in our bedroom. The closet doors came off and the closet was cleaned up and repainted as well.

After tearing out the carpet and painting the room, we were ready for the floors to be refinished by a friend of the family.

 After Paint

 After Paint - With Our New Closet

 After a Partial Sand

 Completely Sanded - No Top Coat

After the Top Coat - New Light Fixture Installed

We had to wait one week before we could walk on the floors or put any furniture in the room. At the end of the week, the baseboard, window and door trim was added to the room. 

M&J got the rub protector down, along with their new rug, to protect the floors, and then started moving in the furniture and hanging the curtains. They didn't get anything hung on the walls right away - they were still trying to decide what decor would be put up in what rooms.

 The Master Bedroom

 Another View of the Master Bedroom

 A View of the Closet

M&J were able to move into their bedroom about one week before their First Anniversary. They were SO excited to be off of that mattress on the floor and have at least one room that was (somewhat) complete.

Decor will still need to be hung in the room, and we'll also be changing out all of the closet doors as well as hardware. M&J want to add crown molding to bedroom as well, but that will not be added until the rest of the home has trim and other projects are complete. The room will also be getting a new door as the door to this bedroom was pretty beat up.

M&J are loving this new room and have really enjoyed having a place to go to get away from all the construction and renovating. It is definitely a retreat for them and they love the dark, chocolate color with the trim and room accents.