[How We Got Here]

M & J first met in 4-H. Although we had known each other for years, we hadn’t really talked until the spring of 2003. We were attending a 4-H Ambassador Training and M asked to give J a ride home. J was lame didn’t have a cell phone, so she had to borrow a phone to call her parents and ask. After getting an okay, they headed to J’s house. When we got there, she said thanks and got out of his styling ‘93 Ford Ranger, he asked if he could call her sometime. J, who is always so smooth, said sure and proceeded to get out of the car. M then asked if she was going to give him her number or if he was going to have to look it up. Smooth. So smooth.

M & J - May 2003

M called the next day and the rest is history. We enjoyed going to the movies and out to eat during high school, as well as attending school events and dances – J was just finishing her freshman year and M was finishing his junior year. 

M & J - Prom - Spring 2005

We made the transition to Manhattan and K-State in the fall of 2006. (M had attended a small private college for one year, and then transferred to community college for his sophomore year.) In college, we enjoyed attending K-State sporting events, spending time with friends and attending campus activities.

M & J - Fall 2006

M & J - Fall 2006

M proposed in July 2008 at J's childhood home. We began planning our wedding and our future. M graduated in the spring of 2009, and J graduated later that fall.

 M & J - Summer 2008
M & J - Engagement Session - Fall 2008

We dated 6 ½ years before getting married in August of 2009. Perfect day. Great guests. Amazing wedding party. Best day EVER.

Our Wedding Party - August 2009

Our Families - August 2009

M & J - August 2009

After J finished school, M & J started looking at their future and tried to decide what we were going to do and where we were going to go. In April of 2010, we bought our first place and now we’re both staying busy with work, M’s family farm and renovating our house.