Friday, December 10, 2010

You Want Me To What?

Right after we purchased our house, M often was gone in the evenings because of travel for work or was working up at the farm. This left J working in their home so they could get some things done before they moved in. J was excited about getting some paint on the walls, getting the trim off and getting some floors ready to be re-finished.
However, in one afternoon of discussion about what was next on their to-do list for their home, J's Dad suggested they get to work on the closets next. ARE YOU KIDDING?!? J thought. We just bought this house, need to move in, and the only thing you can think of for me to do is paint those dinky, ugly, falling apart closets? What about the main rooms? Where we are actually going to SEE what they look like. Who cares about a stinking closet...
Before - but after shelves were taken out
Against her plans, M&J bought paint and got all the supplies we needed to start tearing into our closets and getting them ready to be painted. We tore out all the old shelving - it had been painted over multiple times, didn't fit our idea of organized and was falling apart. After all the shelves and supports had been knocked out, it was time for J to get started painting.
In Progress

Talk about a lonely job and an awful place to start. She taped off the trim (it was staying in the closets) and got to work. The biggest problems - these closets were dark inside and they were tall (J is not). Try standing on a step stool (ladder is too tall), holding a large paint tray and trying to paint with not only the hand-held roller, but a roller attached to an extender to get all the tall places in your closet. (It was really not funny at all at the time. At all. Looking back, J probably looked like an idiot. Thank goodness she was alone.) What resulted was paint all down the left side of J's shirt, shorts and leg. Oops. Should have been more aware of which way that paint tray was leaning...
At this point, J is just trying to keep paint OFF the carpet, and has no one there to help get this cleaned up so she can walk through other areas of the house. So what does she do?
Continues to paint and waits for paint to dry. We all know how long that takes...

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