Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home Inspection

Our counter-offer was accepted, and now it was time for the home inspection. We lined up an inspector for March 24th, and had family ready to come with us to help us talk through our plans after this home would (hopefully) be ours. We were on a deadline, after all...

Our (Possible) Future Home on Inspection Day

M & J were armed and prepared for this inspection. J had her camera, M had his tape measure and both were carrying pen and paper. The goal was to get photos of all the rooms, dimensions of all the rooms and get an idea of what would (or should) be our priorities. After all, J was picking out which photos would be hung on which wall, while M was talking logistics and priorities. M & J were clearly on different paths. Oops. Not good.

Getting Dimensions of the Full Bathroom

At the end of the inspection, it was all good news. Anything that was found was a very minimal issue, (so minimal that we can't remember what they were), so we were glad to have a positive report. Because of the outdoor temperature, our air conditioner could not be started and checked. We were feeling great and were ready to finalize all the paperwork and OFFICIALLY be homeowners.

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