Saturday, October 16, 2010

House #1 - Arnold Drive

After looking at a few more houses during January and early February, we thought we found "the one." It needed some work, but after walking through it with our families, we were told the work could easily be done. The upstairs was finished and just needed some updating. Laundry was on the main floor, formal living room and family room, formal dining room, space for an eat-in kitchen AND a sun room that J already had re-done and decorated (in her mind, not literally). The basement had two workspaces - a workshop for M and a craft room for J - and room to finish off the other half and add lots of square footage to the home. Yay for potential!

Front of House

Back of House - Doesn't that sun room just scream potential?!?

We pictured our stuff in this house, pictured our (future) children in the backyard and had already been to Home Depot and Lowes fifty thousand times to pick out our new paint, cabinets and countertops. (We have never been ones to jump the gun or get ahead of ourselves – if you know us, you know we are lying here – but by this point, we had a large bag worth of samples, brochures and examples of anything and everything that we might need or want when re-designing our future home. Just being honest here - don't judge.)

We finally agreed that we should just call and start the process of putting in an offer. After crunching the numbers, we made an informed decision on what we wanted to offer and M called the realty company. The worst they could say was it sold, right? WRONG. Think “I’m sorry, sir, but that house just went under contract earlier this morning,” didn’t hurt to hear? Ouch.

On to plan B.

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